Pre-sliced Charcuterie

Coscia Piemontese
Cured Ham

A sweet and pleasantly marbled, fragrant ham with a wonderful structure: it melts in the mouth.

Lesso Piemontese
Cooked Ham

The maturation in brine of the excellent La Valle pork back legs gives great solubility and special sweetness to the Lesso Piemontese. A very pleasant ham with a surprisingly clean finish.”

Good, fresh, ready

Parma Ham PDO

Carefully selected thighs, aged over 18 months, thinly sliced and with a very sweet flavor, reminiscent of the aging cellar


Unparalleled sweetness, embellished with a dash of blackpepper on the slice, a sin of gluttony from which there is sure absolution!

Italian Cured Smoked Ham Speck

Slightly smoked, tempting, fragrant, irresistible for a tasty aperitif

Italian Mortadella

Consistent, crunchy and clean in the mouth, not greasy thanks to the meat of Italian heavy pigs

Italian Cured Coppa

Cellar scented and very sweet, only from finest national meats.

Italian Selection

A delicious  selection of Italian cured meats, ready to taste.

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