Pigs, Meats & Cured Meats

Dellavalle is among the few Italian companies to offer a product from organic farming covering all three pig production chain areas.

Natural Quality

The animals origin is essential to ensure the final quality of the product.

Animals are raised at 0km, in structures in the province of Cuneo in Piemonte, North-West of Italy, with techniques that completely respect their welfare and fed with organic vegetable products.

True, the first element of Dellavalle’s mission, is thus strengthened in its meaning of extremely high product quality, authentic naturality and food safety.

The goal is to offer food that is as natural as possible obtained from processes that protect human health, the environment and animal welfare.

Dellavalle is a Certified Organic Operator by the IT-BIO-005 Control Body for the following products:

– Live Pigs –
– Meats –
– Cured Meats –

Taking care of the little things

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