High Quality
Piemontese Pork

Three generations of commitment

Our knowledge of the entire farming cycle, from reproduction to fattening, animal management and food production, allows us to provide the highest quality meat with a guarantee of its origin.

Origin & Quality

The origin of the pig is essential to guarantee the final product quality.

We are uniquely focus on providing best Italian pork meat for heavy and mature pigs.

The classification, based on the different characteristics of the carcasses, allows us to standardize our pork according to current customer requirements. Furthermore, it allows us to respond to concrete and specific requests. Each piece of our pig receives the utmost attention.

Our selected pig cuts, from pigs born and grown in Piedmont, for  exigent professionals.

1. head 2. jowl 3. fat back 4. neck 5. loin 6. ribs 7. shoulder 8. hock 9. bacon 10. tenderlion 11. sirloin 12. ham

Meat Quality main features:

Taking care of the little things

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