Cooked Ham with Truffle

Ham slowly cooked and enriched with flakes of Italian black truffle. Ideal on a slice of freshly baked bread, for a truly special happy hour.

Italian Speck

Slowly seasoned Speck Nazionale and smoked with beech wood.
The legs of heavy domestic pigs give gently marbled slices. Very delicate taste thanks to the lightness of natural beech.

La Valle Hay’s Speck

La Valle hay speck is fragrant like the herbs around it. The flavor is inviting, tasty, new. Our Speck aged in hay is a rare product that will surprise you.

La Valle Mountain Flowers’ Speck

The Baffa di speck La Valle with mountain flowers is unique thanks to the aromatic herbs and Alps’ flowers which make it delicate and fragrant at the same time. Unique and gourmet speck, for connoisseurs.

National Filet

The Italian pure pork tenderloin is a lean and tasty cut, slowly seasoned and a refined delicatessen. The larded variant is characterized by a sweeter flavor and a soft consistency.

The Lonza Puro Occhio is  suitable for a light and tasty aperitif, while the version with lard is recommended over a warm focaccia.

Culatello di Zibello PDO

Culatello di Zibello Dop La Valle, a noble cured meat with a sweet taste and cellar scent, is produced starting from the heart of the pork leg, without rind and hips. When fresh, the weight is 9/10 kg,  while once seasoned it drops to 3/4 kg. Stuffed with pig bladders prepared for 2 days in running water and sanitized in vinegar.
Salted with pepper, nutmeg and sea salt.

Porchetta Nazional

with pancetta & roasted fillet

Pre-cooked shank of heavy weight ham not churned
but tenderized with slow maturation. Salty and
flavored with natural herbs, it is characterized by
the quality of the raw material and its tenderness. It
can be a dish for two people.
Available in variable weight up to 1.4 kg, or in fixed
weight 1 kg.

Stinco Frollato

Stinco di prosciutto di peso elevato, non zangolato ed intenerito con lenta frollatura. Salato ed aromatizzato con gusti naturali, si caratterizza per la qualità della materia prima e la sua tenerezza. E’ un piatto per due persone, abbondantemente. Disponibile a peso variabile fino a 1,5 Kg, oppure a peso fisso 1 Kg incartato.

Cotechino Nazionale

Artisan cotechino prepared with rind and pork meat from national heavy pigs. With a clean taste, without the prevalence of any scent other than the sweet one typical of well-cooked pork.
Available in fixed weight 400g wrapped. Available
both pre-cooked and raw.

Lardo Nazionale con Spallotto

Lard sweet as honey: it melts on the palate.
A simple product, of national raw material, cured in salt for 4/5 weeks and subsequently flavored with only black pepper. White when cut, veined lean with a heart tending towards pink.

Bresaola from Wagyu Beef

Bresaola obtained with one of the finest meats in the world: slow growing Wagyu breed cattle.
This beef that stands out for its “marbling”: a dense texture of thin streaks of unsaturated fat, which give melting and enveloping flavor to this extraordinary excellence.

Bresaola from Piedmontese beef Fassona

Selected raw material of Piedmontese Fassona breed. Bresaola characterized by a delicate flavor and a very tender texture.
Bresaola di Fassona Piemontese is the queen for a light and tasty meal, accompanied by a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and a pinch of fresh salad.

Roast Beef di Garronese

Fresh Garronese beef raised in Italy. There is no churning or syringing, the topside is passed by hand with olive oil, salt and spices, finally cooked.
Ideal as a single dish, thinly sliced and dressed with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil.

Beef Carpaccio

Cured beef meat with a pleasant fresh taste. The topside beef is wrapped and marinaded in herbs to reach the unmistakable flavor.

It can be served and savored very thin.

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