Italian Culatta

Culatello with rind of exceptionally large size: over 7 kg. The long curing period of minimum of 1 year, rind’s protection and the choice of exclusively Italian high quality fresh pork things, will make our Culatta Grande melting in your mount.

Culatta Riserva

It is recommended to slice this delicacy
for gourmets very subtle.

The scent of the seasoning and the sweetness of the marbling will envelop you.

Smoked Culatta

Culatta from farm raised pigs’ born and raised in Italy. It’s delicately smoked, at its curing qualitative peak, with mature beech wood.

The gentle smoking embraces the refined scent of curing cellar and creates a sweetly unique flavor.
“The 1st Seasoned Smoked Culatta in Italy”.

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