The Taste of Quality

We are able to satisfy customers’ demand for true agricultural products. Indeed, our cured meats are characterized by the rural dimension of the work, its authentic farming values, its unique and unmistakable tastes.


We believe food with characteristics of trueness, beauty and goodness can persuade and please everyone. Moreover, it can represent a tentative for building new bridges across cultures.

The rediscovery of food goodness and beauty, experiencing true tastes protecting the environment and yourselves.

Our Mission is pursuing trueness, beauty and goodness in our products as means of Yours satisfaction.

Value Chain

Dellavalle has the unique value sought by the consumer to control from the origin the value chain. We can offer you our products because as farmers we have farmed our land.
A family of farmers. An efficient and trustworthy organization. A Farm managed according modern business administration standards that reaches out to global markets.
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