Parma Ham PDO


Everything starts with a careful selection of Dellavalle swine legs. Our pork meat is notable for its meat texture and optimal intramuscular fat content. The curing process takes place near the river -torrente- Parma in the village of Langhirano. Parma Ham PDO La Valle is characterized by fragrant and full flavour, the salty taste is almost absent, below the average mark. The marbling is consistent and brings sweetness. Muscular tissue is flawless and solid. The colour is pink toward red. The perfume recalls the curing room. Immediate and spontaneously sweet at 16 months of age. Expressive and gifted with convincing ripeness when he is turning 18 months old.

The Care of time

Respect of rhythms
and rituals for natural
and authentic flavors.

All our ham cuts:

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