Varzi Salami PDO

Ancient times touch, of stones’ cellar and slow natural aging. The taste is full, true, authentic. White natural flower. Perfect slice. Venetian red.

Salame di Varzi La Valle is unique.
The long resting, sustained by farm fresh consistent meats, varies from 30 days for the smallest size salami to 6 months for the salami with double casing hand tied.

Salame Cucito

Noble cuts’ Salame, such as ham trimmings, seasoned for more than 4 months thanks to the double hand-sewn pork casing. Slow aging enhances product’s organoleptic characteristics: intense and persistent aromas of cellar, wine, garlic and pepper. It leaves the mouth clean.

La Cura del tempo

Profumi di antico, di stagionatura,
di ritmi e riti, di sapori pieni,
veri e autentici.

Tutti i formati del Parma DOP

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