"true, beautiful, good"

the taste of quality, from farm to deli


Passion triggers the search for beauty as aesthetic joy, 
for good as pleasure to be shared, and for truth as natural genuineness.
A work done with passion generates value for the whole community.

We satisfy customers’ demand for true agricultural products.
Indeed, our cured meats are characterized by the rural dimension of the work, its authentic farming values, unique and unmistakable tastes.


La Valle is a historic family-run business founded by Oreste Dellavalle in the immediate post-war period with the aim of raising highest quality Italian heavy pigs. Our competitive advantage is the most accurate selection of raw meat from our own breeding farm selected at the origin by excellent collaborators and the extraordinary care in the production phases. These are the ingredients that characterize our high-quality charcuterie and extra fine pork meats. La Valle is constantly striving to reach the highest quality, which is why it is aimed at a consumer who is also a true connoisseur. The company has always aimed exclusively at most demanding customers interested in quality.
We have faith in Beauty, in the well-done work, in taking care of details, in the creativity that respects tradition.

Fra Angelico – XV century artistic genius – author of Firenze’s Annunciation in San Marco Convent, affirmed that art mission is revealing the beautiful, the true and the good, from Latin “pulchrum”, “verum”, “bonum”. Therefore, if the truth is bestowed through judgments and false is what is inadequate, the good consists in being according nature and beauty is what
contemplation pleases, or rather in ancient Italian “ciò la cui contemplazione piace”. We may understand how the true, the beautiful and the good are also elements of the food, our work. We believe food with characteristics of naturalness, beauty and goodness can persuade and please everyone. Moreover, it can represent a tentative for building new bridges across cultures.


Prosciutto Crudo di Coscia Piemontese

Our Country tells
who we are.

a special ham:

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