Pink Salame

Even sweeter than our Cooekd Lesso Piemontese Ham. An atypical and uncommon salami, made from the best cuts of national pork and cooked slowly. A tireless salami, because you won’t be able to stop eting it. Splendid fine sliced, sublime cut with a knife. Ideal for an apetitivo that “makes the difference”.

La Cura del tempo

Profumi di antico, di stagionatura,
di ritmi e riti, di sapori pieni,
veri e autentici.

Tutti i formati del Parma DOP

Cooked Piemontese Salame

Tasty and inviting. Light red tending to pink. Typical salami from our region that finds its glory by filling a sandwich with good fragrant bread. A unique recipe, which uniquely combines 5 fresh pork cuts: ham, shoulder, head, neck and bacon.

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